Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Tinto Nº 3
Budapesti  Gazdasági Szakképzési Centrum Csete Balázs Szakközépiskolája
Liceul Tehnologic Economic de Turism, Iași

Title: Promoting National Identity in European Context through Customs and Traditions

Project start date: 19-09-2016
Project end date: 18-09-2018
Duration: 24 months


1. Multicultural development which will determine the students'/teachers' integration into the European educational system;
2. Improving communication skills in a foreign language (English) for everyone involved - students and teachers;
3. Developing ICT skills to promote activities and results;
4. Stimulating creativity, critical thinking and teamwork.

The target group will include approximately 100 students and teachers. Students who will be part of the target group are of school age, 15-18, and study at the partner schools. These students are interested in developing personal and professional skills and want to improve their cultural knowledge at European level. The ability to communicate in a foreign language and the use of digital competences are other aspects accomplished by the target group. 

The teachers who will be part of the target group are of different school subjects, promoting modern methods of learning, encouraging school partnerships at European level and being open-minded. They are interested in the national characteristics which will be presented beyond the borders of the country through activities that focus on the customs and traditions that accompany important life events.