AERT3 School Cluster is an education state institution supervised and financed by the Portuguese government. It comprises nursery schools, elementary schools, a preparatory school and  secondary school , totaling 3300 students and 254 teachers.  It is well aware of the community, as well as its needs. The quality of its service allows the balanced development of children and young people, enabling them to acquire useful qualifications in order to pursue higher education, or to be better prepared for the world of work. Its organization bears in mind not only the individual’s educational and professional success but also the exercise of full citizenship, taking into account the diversity of the curricula on offer, as well as the cultural, social and economic background of its surrounding environment. The aim of our school is to promote diversity and lifelong learning.

The school community facilitates social and civil activities. To enhance learning and achievement, school develops a variety of skills through systematic work and support by additional teaching in school and at home.

Teachers stand at the forefront of educational challenge and are responsible for a wide range of duties, demands and expectations. They are expected to be capable of equipping students with a variety of skills that allows them to successfully face life in society. The teachers from our school have experience in implementing different types of projects, Comenius, Erasmus+, eTwinning  co-ordinating them or being partners. Several teachers are already involved in the Curricular Flexibility Project.

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