Björknäsgymnasiet in Boden is a Public Upper Secondary School.

Boden is a small town located in the very north of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.

The school have approximately 65 teachers and 1100 students.                                           

The school has ten national programs within both vocational and academic lines of study. Our school have one program for students with special needs and different programs for newly arrived refugees from many other countries, for example Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Russia and Pakistan. This year, our school was appointed to become an EU ambassador's school and we are very proud of that. 

In our school we have specific expertise in cultural history, Swedish for refugees, music, English and other languages. Three of the   school's most popular programs are the program for prospective economists, the restaurant program and the vehicle technology program.                                            

The school have been taking part in many international projects and our teachers have very good knowledge of the English language and we are also highly competent when it comes to information technology.  The teachers at the music, English and history program have a high level of education which is a guarantee for us to maintain a high academic level.

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